The Russo-Ukrainian War of 2014-2016 has recommenced.

This ceasefire was not going to last. Both sides skirmished and rearmed for the next big push. It is impossible for the rebel forces to mount any offensives without Russian supply, troops and expertise. Russian leadership drives the campaign on the ground. They cannot openly invade yet, but the rebel offensive if met by real determined resistance, will show just how prepared the Russian Army is to again intervene.

The Ukrainians have to ask their direct neighbors for aide. Polish and Lithuanians, and Finns should be asked to volunteer and also send supplies and weapons. If the Russians can play this game, so should the West. Even if the Germans and French want to bury their heads in the sand, the Eastern Europeans have to stand against Russian aggression before they believe their own invincibility.

The Russians need to be dealt a disasterous defeat in battle. The Chechens gave them a real bloody nose and Russian mothers called out in pain. The streets of Moscow and St Petersburg need to be filled with grieving wives and children without fathers. The Ukrainians have to let the Russians drive far for awhile before unleashing a blistering counteroffensive. The goal is not territory, but to kill Russians in large numbers. Surround, cut off, and destroy in place. No mercy must be shown. Only then will the generals in Moscow hesitate.

This adventure can only end when the Russian army itself suffers real defeats. The Ukrainians have months to arm and prepare, if they cannot beat back the Russians, then NATO is just a piece of paper holding back the bear b


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